Sunday, 29 June 2008

Ribband Wave - M Doveston


Bombus sp on Birds Foot Trefoil (c) DCB 2008
A very welcome email from Tom Hubball confirms the bombus species is B. lucorum (White-tailed Bumblebee).......

Very many thanks Tom

Oxenhope 29-06-2008

Orchid in Birds Foot Trefoil... two shots (c) DCB 2008
Anyone know their Orchids, is this a Common Spotted?

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Images by S. Lilley

Oxenhope 28-06-2008

Swallow on fence wires having a rest (c) DCB 2008

Wren (c) DCB 2008

Very poor light this morning for photography!


Oxenhope Moths 28-06-2008

Is this a Chimney Sweeper ? a very small moth on the limestone road (c) DCB 2008
A very welcome email from Tom Hubball confirms that this moth is indeed a Chimney Sweeper Odezia atrata

Again very many thanks Tom

Friday, 27 June 2008

Doubler Stones, Rombalds Moor

Doubler Stones North (c) DCB 2008

Doubler Stones..... both of them (c) DCB 2008

Doubler Stones South.... from below (c) DCB 2008

Is anyone interested in the Geology / Megaliths of the area, many examples of which can be seen locally on our birding excursions ?


Thursday, 26 June 2008

Some Late April / May Wheatears

Five Wheatear shots.... Oxenhope (c) DCB 2008

Not the Wheatear passage season now but how many of these exceptionally tame birds show characterisics of the Greenland race?


Wednesday, 25 June 2008

House Martin 25-06-2008

One of Tonights House Martins (c) DCB 2008


Sunday, 22 June 2008

The Western Moors

From Crow Hill Delphs looking NW (c) DCB 2008

From Crow Hill looking N (c) DCB 2008

These photographs taken from the Lancashire / Yorkshire boundary are of areas recently incorporated into BOG.

From Wolf Stones looking S (c) DCB 2008


Ponden Sand Martin Colony 22-06-2008

Ponden South Overflow (c) DCB 2008
In answer to Marks opening photograph at Riddlesden. A bit of a difference here... a concrete retaining wall being used as a nesting bank! Many of the row of circular weep holes half way up the wall are occupied and birds can be regularly seen entering and leaving.

Ponden South Overflow. Detail (c) DCB 2008
The row of Weep (nesting) Holes can be seen more clearly.

Ponden South Overflow (c) DCB 2008

Ponden Reservoir South Bank (c) DCB 2008
This morning c25 Sand Martins could be seen avidly feeding / gathering aerial food in the lee of the bankside trees and wood. The wind was a SW F6/7 and the birds were having no difficulty whatsoever.

Ponden Reservoir North Arm (c) 2008


Saturday, 21 June 2008

Oxenhope Watchpoint 21-06-2008

LBB Gull > S (c) DCB 2008

Lots of Lesser Black-backed Gulls > S throughout the morning.... See: Sightings blog and

for more details and photographs, all taken in very poor light!

LBB Gull > S (c) DCB 2008


Friday, 20 June 2008

More "in flight" Studies

Greylag Geese (c) DCB 2008

Redshank (c) DCB 2008

House Martin on the turn (c) DCB 2008

Black-headed Gull (c) DCB 2008

Skylark (c) DCB 2008

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Post Breeding Starling Flock

Flock containing juvs and adults... (c) DCB 2008
Double Click the image to make it twice as big!

Monday, 16 June 2008


As you might guess Swifts are my favourite birds! All images taken of birds involved in a westerly "weather move" with shutter speed 1/1250th Sec and ISO setting 800 (hence the noisy skies). Ca'nt remember what the aperture was but if anyone wants to know shout and I will look it up.
(c) DCB 2008

Swift (c) DCB 2008

Swift (c) DCB 2008

Swift (c) DCB 2008


Some Recent Birds.....

Grey Wagtail Oxenhope Watchpoint (c) DCB 2008

Meadow Pipit in deep shade! (Swedish Whitebeam) Oxenhope Watchpoint (c) DCB 2008
This was a tricky shot to get, exposure needed to be opened by two stops extra over the metered setting to capture the correct underpart colouration of the bird which was in shadow. The undersides of the Whitebeam leaves should in fact be white!

Young Mistle Thrush, Oxenhope Watchpoint (c) DCB 2008


Milking Hole Cullingworth 31-05-2008

Some more of the Orange Tip series.
Orange Tip male upperwing in full sun (c) DCB 2008

Orange Tip male underwing below cloudy skies (c) DCB 2008

Froghoppers!!! cercoptis vulnerata or similar? on bramble (c) DCB 2008


Sunday, 15 June 2008

Ponden Butterflies

Green Hairstreak on the path in May (c) DCB 2008

Wall Brown on a wall!! upperwing.... June (c) DCB 2008

Wall Brown underwing (c) DCB 2008