Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Barden/Strid woods

Hiya all! Today started quite nice then 30 minutes into the walk the heavens opened, but still worthwhile seeing the birds we went to find. Didn't take many pictures as the camera was hiding inside my coat for most of the walk. But really enjoyed it!

So here's some photo's from today.
click to enlarge!

Not the clearest of pictures but it's the best one of the Nuthatch. Still trying to get used to the manual focus which is fairly new to me and the light was abit dull today!

Also saw redstart today only for the second time but couldn't manage any pictures.

Hope you enjoy the pictures, Cheers, Tom

Monday, 27 April 2009

Some shots from today!

One of many wheaters today up at Leeshaw.

Sunset from 26/04/09



Clouded Drab

Even the Clouded Drab can look attractive in Spring time, 2 came to my moth trap in my garden last night.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Members Only Reserve, Redcar Tarn & Stockbridge

Members Only Reserve:
As I got there it seemed like a BOG outing,
with three other members already present.

All my pictures are uncropped & as taken.
A lot of birds around today, but the bright sun
& wind made photography interesting.
Redshank kept appearing & dissapearing but
I managed a quick snap of this one.


Mipits around all over the place - Here's one
that was as interested in me as I was in it!

& what it was lunching on!


I had pointed out I spotted a Dulin over here & one
of the other members looked & said I can see sandpiper?
I looked & the Dunlin Had become a Common Sandpiper.

Later I realised the birds were dissapearing in
the large holes between the reservoir brickwork.
Can you see the hidden Redshank?

I said I saw Dunlin!
As I left the hide This next little fella was heading
towards me. I chose to stay visible at the wall &
it was quite content to approach me. After a few
piccies I moved down a bit & got some great shots
of it parrallel to me. Every time I moved away - It
followed me down the reservoir? Well I am not going to
pass up that kind of oppertunity. It even did a
Basil Fawlty walk for me!

Sometimes Identification can be interesting:
My new species! from Redcar Tarn.
I call it a "Ring Billed Black Back" lol.

Lazy Pheasant that sat down to eat under
Stockbridge bird table.

I don't know how they see where they are going?
One of the Tits building a nest at Stockbridge.

Hope you find these interesting.
Also I would welcome any further info on the Gull?

Wheatears Glovershaw today

Meadow Pipit

Treecreeper Hirst Wood

Oxenhope 25-04-2009

To avoid Crossposting see:


for todays "Oxenhope" report including a mamoth ten snaps this time!!


Common but I hope not boring

Washburn Valley Garden Warbler,Chiffchaff,Redstart,Pied Flycatcher and Buzzard

Some of the 47 spieces seen on Washburn Valley Walk 25/04/2009

GSW ejected from nest of last few years!
Sheriff Lane
Full Circle

Saturday, 25 April 2009

StockBridge 25-04-09

One of our acrobatic Jackdaws.

3 Unidentified little critters

Some Butterflies I manage to Photograph.

This Bee seemed very content.

The Stockbridge convoy! Mallard & 13 chicks.