Sunday, 31 May 2009

Common Blue Damselfly 31-05-2009

Common Blue Damselfly, Bingley... four images (c) 2009
Are the mating damselflies infact Common Blue as segments 8 and 9 are not all blue?

Blue-Tailed Damselfly mating in 'wheel'
female of the colour form rufescens at Raw Nook NR

Azure Damselfly egg laying in tandem position Raw Nook NR

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Friday, 29 May 2009

Out and about

England's rare Duke of Burgundy Butterfly at Gait Barrow near Leighton Moss today.
4 seen but hard to find being so small.
Several Pearl Bordered and Dingy Skipper also seen but a bit too flighty to get pics.

This Jay at feeder in St Ives Wednesday.

Broad-bodied Chaser and others.

These pictures were taken at Timble today.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Butterfly Conservation's UK-Wide Painted Lady Count

Butterfly Conservation's UK-wide count of Painted Lady's - 30th May 2009

In the UK millions of Painted Lady butterflies have arrived in recent days and more are likely to arrive with sunny weather and favourable winds forecast over the coming weekend.

There is a unique opportunity to get better information on the nature and scale of this spectacular and unprecedented migration by taking part in a UK-wide count. Butterfly Conservation are inviting interested recorders to carry out a two hour sample count from 11:00 -13:00 (UK time) on Saturday 30th May. This will enable objective compassion with all other sites recorded in the same way.

The data can be entered online at Butterfly Conservation's website.

Simply record the total number that you see flying through your set search area over the full two hours of observation (including the 10% or more that are likely to stop briefly to feed before carrying on migrating). Your search area will either be your garden or over a 20 wide strip of countryside (10m either side of where you stand stationary for the two hours). Pick somewhere with a good view and do not record beyond 20m.

In the comments box of the sightings form – add in this information, with a new line for each (1) confirm that you carried out a full sample count by adding in the time "11:00-13:00". (2) add `OK' to confirm that the weather was suitable for butterfly flight (3) add your count area – either as `My garden" or "20m wide strip" for all other counts in suitable open terrain and (4) add the direction of migration eg "NW" for flying north-west.

Please continue to enter all other counts separately on the same website, including any counts made from 11:00-13:00 if the weather was not suitable for butterfly migration (cold, very windy) and counts made over different time periods and recording bands.

A small number of sites are needed for more intensive recording. If you are interested in taking part over a longer time period (6 hours or more) please email

with the subject header Painted Lady Count.

Good luck and fingers crossed that the weather is suitable for what should be a fascinating day!

Please forward to whoever you think may be interested.

Tom Brereton
Richard Fox
Butterfly Conservation

Recent insect images

Two of these beetles have been attracted to my moth trap this weekend.
As well as this Buff Ermine moth

Recent bird images

Monday, 25 May 2009

Soil Hill 25-05-2009 Painted Ladies

Check out this link posted by Brian Sumner for 50+ Painted Ladies grounded on Soil Hill this afternoon. Soil Hill is about 2km SE of Oxenhope W Yorks where I was watching this morning.


More Painted Ladies on the way?


Just spent the weekend in Sussex and Norfolk. Lots of Painted Ladies still bombing about...mainly head north.

If you do see any, please send in a record to your local Butterfly Conservation recorder:



Painted Lady Day!!! 25-09-2009

They are here.... the Painted Ladies are here!! First of the wave through Oxenhope at 1105am.



Sunday, 24 May 2009

Painted Ladies on their way!

Further to Martyns post a few days ago, with advance warning of this event, these two messages have been posted this evening on the VisMig Yahoo Group:

Off topic, but there has been a huge movement of Painted Ladies NNW through Cambs this afternoon - 100s per hour at 2 pm, moving at speed; they are coming your way!

Rob P.

Just to echo Rob's observations. Lots of painted ladies passing North through Bristol and North Somerset this afternoon. I saw at least 50 in an hour whilst playing with my kids in a playground in Portishead! A few large whites too.

Matt H


Please let us all know here..... please post a comment if necessary.


Members Only Reserve 24-05-09.

A few record shots of some sightings:

These Gulls were lined up like Ducks at the fairground!
The Heat Haze off the wall was a pain, but this was only
a fraction on the Gulls that were there today!

3 female Goosander were a surprise, got a quick
shot off, before they were!

Not the best image, but the GCGrebe that visited
for the night, is visible with, more Gulls!

The Better stuff!

This Little Fella was bobbing it's tail at everything,
to try & "turn it on" It caught my attention!

There were Curlew everywhere today, this is one
of a pair that never stopped calling to each other.

& they stayed pretty close for quite a while
watching me?

The Ringed Plover has gone now,
but who knows what will turn up tomorrow?

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Tea Break John o Gaunts Walk 23/05/2009

Good Walk! Over 50 species including Tree Pipit,Snipe and Sedge Warbler

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Members Only Reserve 21-05-09

What a nice evening it was!
Had a nice stroll around the Res, I noticed all the waders
were very cautious of anything in the Sky?

Right at the far end I found remnants of a LBBGull, many
primaries, tail feathers, head feathers & a few bits of wing joints.
Also there was the remnants of an Oystercatcher egg nearby!
There was still some yellow "yolk" inside, & looked like predation,
rather than parents disgarding.

I don't know what the predator is, but it has been feasting since
Tuesday night!.

Hardly any shore left at all since the recent rain,
just about everything is under water.

The Red Grouse on the hill were fighting/squabbling,
probably over territory.

The Ringed Plover is still around & excellent close views can be had.

Here are a few more shots of it, bit better quality this time,
much better light, but it just wouldn't pop over to the sunny area.

Ah well .....

Shine those boots, polish your keys, find your
membership card & get up there & check this
little fella out.
It may stick around for a few more days?
Please forgive me for posting an item that is at the moment not related to the BOG area. So let me explain, whilst birding in Costa Blanca Spain (an area I know very well) I experienced a massive northerly movement of Painted Lady butterflies. The influx started on the 14th of May 09 with butterflies coming in off the sea from North Africa at Punta Prima.

The following day the 15th they were still coming in but in greater numbers. At 9am we went on the coast road to Clot de Gavney NR a distance of about 30 miles and during the whole journey butterflies were heading north many hitting the cars and landing on the roads.

At Clot de Gavney NR the place was 'alive' with Painted lady butterflies. On the 16th not one Painted Lady could be found. Given the distance of the movement thousands and thousands of butterflies must have been involved.

Some what about the BOG area I strongly believe that we should get some of these migrants in the next few weeks, so keep a look out and any good number please report them.

Sorry if I have gone on!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Members Only Reserve 19-05-09

Weather was bright sunny & Great when I left
for an evening stroll. That all changed when I got there.

Found this little chappie, near Dave's corner!
Struggled with bad light, rain & wind but managed
a few half decent shots for your enjoyment.

Later whilst sifting through the Gulls I noticed
this Sandpiper just below, dodging the rain &
enjoying the short burst of sunshine.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Lesserpecker male drumming

This male Lesser Spotted Woodpecker drumming in Shipley Glen earley this morning.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Local bits

This Tree Pipit singing in Timble today, hope some one can get it with an S.L.R to do it justice.
I think this is an Azure Damselfly, let me know if it's not.

I think this is a Large Red Damselfly at Otley Gravel Pits.

At least this one is easier, Orange Tip on Bluebell.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Wood Warbler

This Wood Warbler filmed last year in Grass Wood.

Garden Warbler

Plenty Garden Warblers about now, this one last year in Timble Ings.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A few more pics from the PC clear out

This first picture was from a fascinating stand-off at Leeshaw Res where the I spent more than hour watching the little owl eying up the pheasant chicks. The female pheasant eventually crossed to the other side of the wall taking most of the chicks with her however three remained on this side. The owl watched intently but never made a move on them and eventually after a further 20 minutes the last of the chicks crossed the wall and rejoined mother closely watched by the owl.

I was reminded of the next picture by the recent gropper sightings. This one was taken at Marley 2nd May 2005. This Jay was photographed at St Ives after a very patient wait. The final picture of a Long-tailed Tit remains one of my favourite pictures. Cheers