Sunday, 8 August 2010

Colour-ringed LBBG Redcar Tarn

Hi, I photographed this colour-ringed LBBG at Redcar Tarn on Saturday 7th August. A quck trace via Euring led to ringing project in Lancashire and I have received the ringing history shown below. The bird was first rung at the nest in Bowland in 1998 and winters in Spain each year.

The full sighting history to date is as follows:
10/07/1998 Tarnbrook Fell, Bowland
08/03/2002 Santander, Spain
16/07/2002 Salt Ayr Landfill, Lancaster
07/11/2004 Santander, Spain
15/02/2005 Santander, Spain
18/10/2006 Santander, Spain
19/02/2007 Santander, Spain
10/02/2008 Santander, Spain
09/03/2008 Santander, Spain
30/01/2009 Santander, Spain
07/02/2009 Santander, Spain
29/03/2009 Stocks Res. Slaidburn
05/03/2010 Main-et-Loire, France
07/08/2010 Redcar Tarn, Keighley

Ian Hargreaves

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