Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Pectoral Sandpiper Pugneys

A cracking watch & shoot for hour or so.
Get over to Pugneys Country Park for this Beauty!

It seemed to like hanging round us human Photographers.
Coming so close I had to shoot a Portrait!
I had it within 18" of my feet at one point.
Fingers crossed for one in our area!


nullius in verba said...

Could there have been two of these birds? Just wondering because my wife and I were walking round the lake on Friday the 23rd and sawm two birds similar to the sandpiper flying with a flock of Lapwings. But not being an ornothologist don't really know what I'm seeing in this line.

B.Nield said...

It is possible! Although no one saw or reported a second. This one was right near visitor centre & stayed there all week.
I did observe & hear it calling, in fact have a shot on Birdguides of it calling. So you never know - there may have been another around?Or another dropped in, there is an aweful lot or shoreline in the area for such a small bird to feed on.