Sunday, 30 October 2011

Images of the Dipper @ Shipley

These images are of the Dipper suspected to be of the Black-bellied race C.c.cinclus.
The bottom image shows pale tips and fringes on the wing coverts and tertials aging this bird as a first winter. All three images show a brown band below the white chest, though not chestnut, the presence of this band would probably prevent the bird being accepted by a rarities committee. Having viewed several images on the internet of Black-bellied Dippers they show the black belly meeting the white chest. Looking at literature the underparts of a Black-bellied Dipper are uniform dark which the above Dipper clearly doesn't show. Also both British races and the central european race can have a dark brown band below the white chest making the above bird difficult to racially identify.
Thanks to Stephen Lilley for the images.

M Doveston


Paul said...

There are at least 3 Dippers around the Denso stretch of the river. Does anyone know of a photo taken at the same time as those making the claim saying "that's the one"?

Graham Forsyth said...

Thank you Mark and Stephen for solving the Black-Bellied Dipper debate, a job well done.

B.Nield said...

I had a trip up there for the afternoon on Sat & did at one point have 2 Dippers visible. One was down near where I met Paul & the other was up close to railway bridge. For a bird with a bright white patch on the chest - they are difficult to spot. Both the ones I saw were ordinary common Dippers by the way.
We will just have to be vigilant & scour that stretch, just in case!