Sunday, 27 May 2012

Miscellany of Local Sightings

 This Bar-headed Goose is likely one of a pair that was at Redcar Tarn on 5th May but have now relocated to Keighley Reservoir.
 Brown Hares certainly seem to be on the increase locally; I am seeing more than I ever done before.
 Garden pic.
Grey Wagtail photographed at Slippery Ford a couple of weeks ago when a family party was at a regular breeding site although I have not seen them there since.
 This Weasel was first watched moving it's young to a new home but was tempted to come close enough to be photographed by making lots of squeaking noises. (I'm glad there was no one around to observe the bizarre things photographers do to get their shots.)
 The regular Little Owl at Slippery Ford.
Photographically not the best Short-eared Owl you will see on this site but couldn't resist posting this picture of one plunging in to the grass.

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Graham Forsyth said...

Hello Ian
Alas, life does not always present the enthusiastic photographer with the perfect conditions in order to attain the perfect shot, especially when the subject matter is wildlife itself. Besides the captured images however, the enthusiast has also captured in their heart the thrill of the moment, the pleasure of the location, and the joy of seeing such beautiful creatures in their natural environment. When you share your images with fellow photographers and wildlife enthusiasts they also take these things into consideration as they themselves under go the same thrills and enjoyments.

Thanks for sharing you images Ian, they are appreciated.

A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books.
Walt Whitman