Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Calling all raptor experts. This picture was taken last month in a rural area just outside Rhodes town. My reference books suggest it is a Long-legged Buzzard by the fact that common buzzards may only over winter at this southern location. Can anyone offer confirmation, or otherwise. Could it be Steppe Buzzard (vulpinus). I can add that there appeared to be a family party of up to 5 birds regularly observed practically every day between 12th to 26th September.
Await replies with interest.


Fred Drake said...

Hi Mike seems to me it is longlegged sa this bird is described as long winged as in your pics.Steppe is a smaller bird.Fred Drake.

Mark D said...

I'd vote for adult long-legged based on the following; the dark trailing edge on the wings and the lack of a sub-terminal band in the tail.